Bonteheuwel High School played a pivotal role during the Apartheid era. During the 1976 uprising matriculants had to write their final examination under police protection at Goodwood show grounds (Grand West). The principal Mr Clarke, was the only invigilator at the venue. This was an era that no one will forget. The staff and learners at that time were very traumatised. Ashley Kriel a hero of the struggle, attended Bonteheuwel High School.

Despite the community’s adversarial circumstances, the school continues excellent academic results. In recent years (2014) and (2015) two students have managed to obtain 7 distinctions! This attests to staff dedication and commitment at school.

Various ex-Bonteheuwel matriculants are at university studying Medicine and Law. The staff members assist learners in this regard, with registration fees – drawing the business community into supporting learners who are attending and going to attend university. This has become an ingrained operational support structure at school. Being a no fees school (Quintile 4) came with many challenges; however despite the school being cash strapped the community often views the school as a development organ. The School Governing Body often, in this regard, provides stipends to unemployed members of the community. The level of trust, respect and dedication of parents is a clear indication of why the community will participates actively in the social and skills development programs offered at Bonteheuwel High School.

Educators are encouraged to go for regular health checks, and lead a healthier lifestyle by being more active. When we celebrate birthdays and other events educators are responsible to provide healthy meals. That said, we decided that our end-of-year outings for educators should be outdoors.